March 17, 2013

Fashion Illustration for Macy's

I had the opportunity this past week to create custom fashion illustrations at Macy's Five Essentials event. It was a fashion event where celebrity stylist, Jamie Krell, presented a few of this season's trends. In case you were wondering, the five essentials are lace, peplum, printed pants, dresses, and the pullover. Now you know! ;) I was there drawing some of the guests that had won a chance to get a sketch of themselves. I had so much fun doing this! Here are some of the sketches I did.

Don't these girls (and guy..haha) look great?
Sketches in pencil and colored pencil.

My little workstation

Guests learning about this season's trends

With the lovely Jamie Krell. She is so sweet and down-to-earth! I was able to give her a couple of sketches, and she posted them on her instagram. You can see it here.

I really enjoyed doing this and I hope to do it again soon!