January 21, 2013

From My Sketchbook

I really enjoyed the drawing class I took last semester. Even though I am not taking it anymore, I'm going to try to sketch more often. I think it's a great way to document what you're doing and where you've been. It's like an illustrated journal! Plus, this pretty sketchbook my friend gave me makes me want to draw more. Thanks, Ge!

Blind Contour of Ge  \\  Karla's Closet

January 13, 2013

WOOF! {Timelapse Video}

First post of 2013! Yay! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I certainly did! It was extra relaxing because I was on winter break (still am actually). Since I have some time on hand, I whipped out my acrylics and brushes and painted this cute little pup for a friend. I filmed myself painting and made it into a little timelapse video. It's so fun to see the entire process condensed into just a few minutes. (p.s. Watch it in HD, it's so much better!)