August 14, 2012

Day 2: Northern Cardinal

I hinted yesterday that today's bird would be red and have a crest. If you guessed Northern Cardinal, you are correct! This bird is pretty easy to spot, not just because of its vibrant red feathers, but also because it is a common city bird. I've seen and heard so many of them just in my backyard!

Oil Pastel on Paper

Most male birds (not just the cardinal) have brightly-colored feathers to attract females. Female birds, on the other hand, do not have as much pigment in their feathers. The female cardinal looks like this. The lack of pigmentation helps them camouflage into the trees and protect themselves from predators. Smart, huh?

Follow me here, here, or here to see some work in progress pictures.


  1. Have you already chosen the birds? I suggest a Nuthatch.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Arcly! I have already chosen them, but you just might see a Nuthatch. :)