June 27, 2012

Sweet Art

Lately, I've been teaching my 4-year old brother, Josiah, how to draw. Since he's still little, I try to keep his projects simple and fun. I let him choose whatever he wants to draw, and then we work on it together. Recently, he picked out a cookbook and told me he wanted to draw some of the desserts in it. I find it interesting that he gravitates towards sweets. It might have something to do with my sister's and my love for baking. ;) Like any other kid, he was most attracted to anything with lots of colors and sprinkles. He took out his little notebook and started sketching out these confections, with a little bit of help and instruction, of course. :)

I love how all of them turned out. The imperfect shapes and out-of-the-line colorings give these drawings charm that only a child can create. After drawing these desserts, he said to me, "We should probably draw something healthy too!" Haha..he's such a funny kid! I love you, Josiah!

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