January 8, 2012

Water Lilies

I drew this a few weeks ago as a late birthday gift for a friend. She mentioned before that she loves Claude Monet, so I decided to create something similar to his work. I definitely had a lot of inspiration when making this as Monet is famous for his many paintings of water lilies. I happened to study some of his work in my art history class this semester, so it was neat that I got to apply some of his impressionistic techniques after learning about it. Unlike Monet, however, I had to refer to a photograph instead of creating it en plein air since we're still in the middle of winter
. It was a lot of fun drawing this and I am planning on making more art this year. So be sure to come back and visit my blog! :D

Paintings by Claude Monet. Images via


  1. Oh so beautiful! I love monet and you did justice to his work!

  2. This is breathtaking! So beautiful! You are really good in it Corynn! =D

  3. Beautiful! My favourite artists are Monet and Degas. I'm sure your friend loved your gift

  4. beautiful. one of my fav artists.